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Like a Celebrity is an agency specializing in local content marketing, SEO, social media support, press + pitch services + website development.  In other words, we bring attention to your awesome-ness!

3 Fundamentals of Highly Effective Search Marketing

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3 Fundamentals of Highly Effective Search Marketing


While there are many parts of a search marketing campaign, there are some key fundamentals that need to be implemented and perfected in order to have effective search marketing research. 

What is Search Marketing?

The art and science of getting your products and services found then getting those prospects to convert into a customer.  

Now that we have defined what search marketing is, we can start to look at the 3 elements that are needed to have an effective search marketing campaign.

This is the most important part of search marketing and sometimes there is not a lot of attention given to it. Effective search marketing campaigns spend a lot of time researching for keywords. It is important to look at your site search, Google Analytics, product reviews, social mentions, etc. to find out what keywords customers and users are using to describe your product and/or services.


Often times when starting a search marketing campaign a lot of marketers are quick to start their campaigns focused on SEO. If you start your campaign with PPC you will be able to learn what converts before you spend 6 months or an extensive amount of time optimizing/linkbuilding for phrases that don’t convert. Also the data you gain from your PPC campaign will help you create and optimize your SEO strategy.


This is not an option. There are many ways to track how well your search marketing is doing. Using conversion tracking from search engines like Google and Bing is an accurate way to track your progress. Dynamic call tracking is also very important, many marketers miss opportunities to increase sales because they do not track their call leads. Even if phone calls only attribute to 10% of overall sales, that is still a good number of sales.

While there are more elements of search marketing campaigns, these three are critical to search marketing success. As a marketer it is important to spend a significant amount of time on keyword research, PPC campaign and tracking in order to increase overall ROI. If you focus on these elements you will be able to perfect your search marketing based on what you learn from reviewing and tracking these three elements.

If you'd like to learn more about search engine marketing and how the best marketing practices can grow your business, check out Like a Celebrity's website or call (917) 512-6192 to speak with a marketing specialist!