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Like a Celebrity is an agency specializing in local content marketing, SEO, social media support, press + pitch services + website development.  In other words, we bring attention to your awesome-ness!

What is Search Engine Marketing?

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What is Search Engine Marketing?


Search Engine Marketing = Website Traffic.
Search Engine Marketing = New audiences who have needs that you can fulfill and cash in on.  
Search Engine Marketing = A business that makes money 24/7.

If your business exists online fully or even just partially ... you need website traffic.

If you have nothing on your website, no one will go there. If you want people to find your site via search engines, like Google, Bing or Yahoo!, you need SEO and search engine marketing a.k.a SEM.

A mistake many business owners make is thinking that having a website is all they need. Just like you would let everyone in your community know about your newly opened boutique, you need to let the internet community know that you are online as well.  Neglecting to invest in your online presence is like shutting the shades on your storefront: you’re there but no one knows it.

There are many different ways to increase the exposure of your website online, however, the most effective way to increase awareness and targeted traffic to your site is to use a combination of internet marketing techniques: search engine optimization and pay-per-click internet marketing.

Here’s how they work:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a comprehensive internet marketing technique that works to naturally increase your website’s ranking on search engines. By making on-page and off-page modifications to your website (including content, design and structure), SEO helps to slowly increase your chances at being number one on major search engines.

Pay-Per-Click Internet Marketing

If you're looking to jumpstart your internet exposure, opt for a strategically implemented pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign. By focusing on keywords relevant to your industry or business, PPC campaigns increase website exposure almost instantly. Ability to control your budget and track progress real-time are just a few of the pluses of PPC campaigns.

Of course, combining both SEO and PPC gives you the best of both worlds: almost immediate increased exposure and a more search engine friendly website.

Make the most of your website with search engine marketing strategies that are sure to increase your site’s visibility. To get started on your search engine marketing strategy, schedule a free consultation today!