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Like a Celebrity is an agency specializing in local content marketing, SEO, social media support, press + pitch services + website development.  In other words, we bring attention to your awesome-ness!

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3 Step Formula for Building an Empire


Photo credit: citirecruitment

Photo credit: citirecruitment

My ADD gives me a good run for my money, especially when it comes to finding ways to balance the many people, places and things vying for my attention. 

How do I balance the must-do things from the nice-to-do things without having my business always come last, or always come first? How do I propel my business forward while also keeping my clients blissful, my team productive, and having a life even I am jealous of? You know, where I get to do things like have meetings over manicures, midday pilates workouts, or occasional happy hour dinners with friends?

When I started my business in 2008, I promised to create a business that I loved and was absolutely proud of. I admit, it hasn't always been easy. In order to stay focused and build my business, there are three vital steps I take each week, no matter how busy I get;

1. I do something to build my brand
2. I do something to build my expertise
3. I do something to build my business


Do things to put yourself in front of new audiences, like podcast interviews, guest blogging, or public speaking, for example. If your audience isn't growing, it's likely shrinking. So work each week to build your brand to attract a steady flow of new fans and prospects. Author, Susan Gunelius, sums it up perfectly, "Continually put out messages and brand experiences that consistently communicate and support your brand promise.”


Do something to make you more knowledgeable, that gives you an edge, or helps you gain new skills. Go to a workshop, take a class, exercise your expertise in a way that isn't going to earn you money. When you build your expertise, you ensure that you always have something fresh to offer your clients, fans and prospects. Even those people who have followed you for any period of time, or have seen you many times, will still find value. Building your skills also builds your ability to raise your rates!


Do the things that will make you money. What are you selling this week? What invoices are you sending out? You are sending invoices out on time, right? Each week, no matter how busy, no matter how important your expertise + brand building activities may be, you must do something to build your business, especially if you want to keep hanging out in places with crystal chandeliers.

Many of us dreamers, do'ers and self-employed CEO's are good at each of these, but very few of us are good at all three.

We need systems, routines, and reminders to consistently focus on working each part of the formula. So set aside time each week to think about and do the things that build your brand, build your expertise and get you top dollar!

What will you do this week to build your brand, your expertise and your business?

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About Latisha Kenya Murray
I'm the founder of Like a Celeb Concierge for Modern Business Owners + around here, we treat dreamchasers + do-er's + self employed CEO's like celebs! Our services give you more time + freedom to claim your fame + step into the spotlight - get more done, make more money + have more fun!