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Like a Celebrity is an agency specializing in local content marketing, SEO, social media support, press + pitch services + website development.  In other words, we bring attention to your awesome-ness!

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Like a Celebrity official blog - Play & Prosper.  Author: Latisha Kenya Murray unless otherwise noted.

How to Build a Video SEO Strategy


Incorporating videos in one’s SEO strategy is a formidable best practice in online marketing as it gives businesses a competitive edge in an increasingly cut-throat online market. In general videos tend to boost search engine results, increase site traffic and improve conversion rates. Smart videos grant businesses the opportunity to reach more consumers and easily and explicitly inform them what they offer. It gives them a platform to engage, inform and entertain their clients. This is good for business!

Define the Goal
As with any other marketing task, the first step should involve defining the goal of the video. Other salient factors that should be considered at this stage include target audience, type of hosting and the strategy to achieve the goal. It is important that the video should match the goals outlined and audience demographic tastes and preferences.

Strength in Numbers
Contrary to popular opinion, posting many videos does not affect ones video/site rankings; rather it increases the chances of your site being discovered. Instead of posting videos of your fast moving products alone, studies show availing videos of other products leads to more site traffic and directly results in increase in sales of other products.

Update to Remain Relevant
To optimize on your video SEO efforts, the videos should be periodically updated and refreshed. New content attracts new site visitors and increases number of referrals – which is a great idea especially in a social media driven world. A solution to keep your content always fresh is to adopt automatic online video solutions that assist in editing video content.

On-site Video
Though posting videos on YouTube channels can be an effective way of reaching a larger audience, posting videos on-site can result in higher rewards. In case it is necessary to post the videos via YouTube, ensure that the video features a link that redirects audiences to your site.

SEO Friendly Video URLs
As with any other web content, SEO guidelines should be followed to reap rewards for your SEO efforts. For videos, they should have ‘clean’ or SEO friendly URLs. In addition, it is recommended to include the file extension format, such as.AVI, .FLV, .WMV

Video Metadata
Search engine bots and crawlers not only rely on video contextual information to rank videos but also metadata. The metadata should offer information on video length, video thumbnail, video dimension, and video transcript.

Synchronize Web Content
To recoup meaningful returns from video SEO efforts it is imperative that the content on the video matches the content on the landing page it’s embedded. Therefore the video description should tally with the micro-description of the web content to show consistency. Additionally, the keywords of the content of the webpage and the video should be the same.

Implementing an effective video SEO strategy offers numerous benefits ranging from improved site traffic, brand awareness, to increased conversion rates. All in all creating video content that attracts, engages, and entertains the audience forms the bedrock of an effective video SEO strategy.

If you'd like to learn more about search engine marketing and how the best marketing practices can grow your business, check out Like a Celebrity's website or call (917) 512-6192 to speak with a seo/marketing specialist!



3 Fundamentals of Highly Effective Search Marketing


While there are many parts of a search marketing campaign, there are some key fundamentals that need to be implemented and perfected in order to have effective search marketing research. 

What is Search Marketing?

The art and science of getting your products and services found then getting those prospects to convert into a customer.  

Now that we have defined what search marketing is, we can start to look at the 3 elements that are needed to have an effective search marketing campaign.

This is the most important part of search marketing and sometimes there is not a lot of attention given to it. Effective search marketing campaigns spend a lot of time researching for keywords. It is important to look at your site search, Google Analytics, product reviews, social mentions, etc. to find out what keywords customers and users are using to describe your product and/or services.


Often times when starting a search marketing campaign a lot of marketers are quick to start their campaigns focused on SEO. If you start your campaign with PPC you will be able to learn what converts before you spend 6 months or an extensive amount of time optimizing/linkbuilding for phrases that don’t convert. Also the data you gain from your PPC campaign will help you create and optimize your SEO strategy.


This is not an option. There are many ways to track how well your search marketing is doing. Using conversion tracking from search engines like Google and Bing is an accurate way to track your progress. Dynamic call tracking is also very important, many marketers miss opportunities to increase sales because they do not track their call leads. Even if phone calls only attribute to 10% of overall sales, that is still a good number of sales.

While there are more elements of search marketing campaigns, these three are critical to search marketing success. As a marketer it is important to spend a significant amount of time on keyword research, PPC campaign and tracking in order to increase overall ROI. If you focus on these elements you will be able to perfect your search marketing based on what you learn from reviewing and tracking these three elements.

If you'd like to learn more about search engine marketing and how the best marketing practices can grow your business, check out Like a Celebrity's website or call (917) 512-6192 to speak with a marketing specialist!


Lessons Learned from Local SEO Vendor Horror Stories


Like a Celebrity believes in helping small businesses grow. Let’s work together to remove the snakes and snake oil salesman in the SEO industry.

1. Do not let vendors put call tracking numbers on your directory listings. Tracking results is great, except when tracking the results actually hurts your results

2. If a vendor is going to claim your listings for you, ensure that you have the logins and passwords for each directory.

3. Ask every vendor what happens if you cancel. Don’t allow yourself to be held hostage on local SEO, social media or your own website. We’ve heard the horror stories too many times to count

Enter Like a Celebrity's Local SEO/Directory Optimization Solution

One of the great aspects of working with Like a Celebrity is we have a direct API into the major local directories so we can correct this data within days on most directories (rather than data aggregators and listing providers in which it can take months).  By immediately correcting the information, local business owners can now generate calls on 50% of local searches and rank better on Google.

If you'd like to learn more about search engine marketing and how the best marketing practices can grow your business, check out Like a Celebrity's website or call (917) 512-6192 to speak with a marketing specialist!

3 Reasons to Include Video Content in Your SEO Strategy


Online video has become an integral part of any online marketing strategy. In the past streaming video was seen as a novelty with entertainment value.  Like a Celebrity believes online videos are more important than ever for your SEO and Social Media Strategy.

1. SEO optimized videos boost your search engine rankings, as well as your site’s credibility with major search engines. Videos increase your click through rates and decrease your bounce percentage, which is how quickly a person leaves your site after finding it. Google tracks all of these variables, so If people stay on your site to watch a video, then that can positively affect your CTR and bounce percentage rates.

2. It is much easier to tailor social contact using videos, and you can express a great deal of information in a short period of time with a well done video. There are many people who will not take the time to read a ten page tutorial; however, if you change that tutorial into a three minute clip with info-graphics, you will reach a much broader audience while also gaining an edge over your competitors who do not have an online video presence.

3. If any of your content goes viral and starts to spread all across the web, you will receive many thousands of inbound links from all over the web and your content will appeal to the greatest number of visitors.


5 Reasons Your Website Isn't Converting


If you're interested in marketing your business online (and who isn't at this point), you can't escape hearing about content marketing.  But so what? What does content marketing actually mean for my business?  When it comes to marketing, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel in order to get astonishing results. 

Like a Celebrity has 5 proven ways to improve your website content, these highly effective copywriting tips are all but guaranteed to boost website conversions dramatically. 


Know what you want to accomplish with your copy before you start writing it. It should always lead toward a CTA, but what will that be? Do you want readers to comment on your article, sign up for your newsletter, download a free ebook, buy your product or service, or something else? What is the ultimate end game of a visitor’s interaction with your website? Make sure you have these key questions answered before you take another step with your copywriting.


Focus your copy on an appropriate keyword phrase – something a reader might have typed into a search engine to land on your web page – but write naturally! Only use the keyword a few times, but be aware that it is your theme.

Use words that are contextually and/or semantically related to your keyword. For instance, if your main keyword phrase is ‘handmade ice cream’, you should use words the reader will expect and thus feel reassured by, such as "artisanal", "frozen yogurt" and "sorbet."


Know your target market. Write as if you're speaking to an individual, and use the word ‘you’ so he or she understands that you are speaking to him and that the message is about him. Use the vernacular of your target customers. Connecting with your customers is much easier when you're using the same vocabulary.


Read customer comments on your website and social media, talk to your customer support and sales staff, invite customer testimonials, and talk directly to customers who are receptive to giving you input. You can discover what they value about you, why they bought, and how they talk about you and your business.


Don't waste your time – and the reader’s time – talking about things your customers don't value highly. Listen to your customers and only sell them what they want. Tell them about the benefits they care about and solve only the problem(s) they really want fixed.

If you need help producing online content or are looking for creative ways to integrate keywords, links and other SEO friendly elements into your content, consult Like a Celebrity's copywriters by calling (917) 512-6192 or visit their website!