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244 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10001
United States of America

+1 917 512 6192

Like a Celebrity is an agency specializing in local content marketing, SEO, social media support, press + pitch services + website development.  In other words, we bring attention to your awesome-ness!


Affordable Responsive Website, Drive Local Marketing Strategy

Like a Celebrity creates affordable responsive websites that drive your local marketing strategy.

Beautiful, Professional, & Marketing-Enabled WebsiteS at a Price You Can Afford

We’re perfectly matched for clients seeking high-end service, design + function at a reasonable cost.
— Latisha Kenya Murray, President/Founder

You want a website that drives your business and is part of your overall local marketing strategy - web, social, email, search + mobile.

  • Looks beautiful on any mobile device
  • Convert web browsers into paying customers
  • Ranks on local + mobile search engines + maps
  • Easily maintain and update your online empire
  • Deliver great business results

Stop Losing Business to Your Competitors. Get Mobile Optimized Now!

If you are not mobile optimized, you are losing business RIGHT now.  60% of your customers will go to a competitor after a bad mobile experience.  Ouch!  Over half of local searches occur on mobile devices, but only 20% of local business websites are mobile optimized.

Don’t worry.  Our websites look great on any mobile device!

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