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244 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10001
United States of America

+1 917 512 6192

Like a Celebrity is an agency specializing in local content marketing, SEO, social media support, press + pitch services + website development.  In other words, we bring attention to your awesome-ness!



Like a Celebrity activates Local Celebrity Affiliate Program allowing supportive clients and fans to generate residual stream of income.


Looking to earn some extra money on your website?  Or do you have a great email list of eager to succeed business owners? Then our affiliate program might be just the thing you were looking for.

We pay a generous flat rate commission on every purchase tracked through your referral link towards our site. Start earning money easy and fast, we take care of everything related to the product.  All you need to do is bring in referrals who will benefit from our software + services and we split a generous 50-50 commission with you!


Why Should You Join

  • Earn 50% commission on all sales sent through your affiliate link.
  • Commissions are paid directly to your Paypal account.
  • You will be promoting an award winning piece of software that becomes better every day and brings tremendous value to small businesses across the United States.

How Does it Work?

The process is very simple:

  1. Visitor clicks on an affiliate link or banner on your site or in an email you sent.
  2. The visitor browses our site, and may decide to schedule a consultation.
  3. If the visitor orders, the order will be registered as a sale for you and you will receive commission for this sale.
  4. The visitors must have US based businesses.

How Much Will You Be Paid?

Each LOCAL CELEBRITY subscription carries a 6 month contractual agreement.  As stated above, you will get a residual 50% commission, each month, for every sale you bring to our site, for each client's entire 6 month contract (barring any terminations).

  • Local Celebrity = approx. $50/sale x 6 months
  • Local Rockstar = approx. $70/sale x 6 months
  • Local Supernova = approx. $90/sale x 6 months

How Will You Get Paid?

At this time, we compensate affiliates solely via Paypal

When Will You Get Paid?

  1. Because some customers may ask for a refund, we wait 60 days after an order before we pay on any sales.
  2. We also apply a minimum payment amount of $50.00, so you may need to accumulate a few sales before you receive your first payment.
  3. The payment will be in US Dollars ($USD).


Terms and Conditions

  • Earn 50% commission on all sales that you refer using your affiliate link for the first 6 months. Final commission will be calculated on the amount that we receive after deducting merchant/PayPal fees (usually 1.5-3.5% of the deal price).
  • Sales are tracked using exclusively dedicated affiliate static web pages
  • You must have an active PayPal account in order to receive payment.
  • Your commission will be paid to you via PayPal after 60 days of the transaction month’s end, or once you have accumulated a minimum amount of $50 in commission.
  • Unethical use or abuse of the Like a Celebrity, LLC Affiliate Program is a violation of these terms and may result in the termination of your membership.
  • We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time (with written notification).
  • In the event of a chargeback or refund made on a paid transaction, those funds will be subtracted from your current balance, in case your current balance is $0 or not sufficient, you will be contacted to return any funds earned (on that transaction and not covered by the above) to us.
  • You must use the Affiliate Program in a manner that demonstrates common sense and respect for the rights of Like a Celebrity, LLC and third parties.
  • You may not use our Affiliate Program on a website promoting sexually explicit material, violence, any kind of discrimination or illegal activities.
  • Any kind of advertisement causing damage to our name or products is prohibited.
  • Spam, unwanted commercial email, posting in inappropriate newsgroups, inappropriate social networks or forums are also prohibited.
  • You may not advertise in any way that conceals or misrepresents your identity, your domain name or your return e-mail address.

Eager to Join?

If everything we told you so far sounds good, come join Like a Celebrity, LLC's extended family.