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244 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10001
United States of America

+1 917 512 6192

Like a Celebrity is an agency specializing in local content marketing, SEO, social media support, press + pitch services + website development.  In other words, we bring attention to your awesome-ness!


Who We Serve: Like a Celebrity LLC's Team, History and Mission

Since 2008, Like a Celebrity's mission has been to serve entrepreneurs with services to help bring attention  to their business, increase sales + visibility.

You traded a 9-5 life for 14-hour days, so you can help others live a little lovelier.  You're a small business owner, and chances are you don't have time to devise an online marketing strategy, blog + tweet to media influencers.

You try your best to keep up with the current trends + statistics that make up online marketing.  Social media, algorithms, keywords, SEO, blog posts, press releases, pitches ... the list goes on + on + seems to change faster than you can even keep up.

You feel that if you don't keep up + master these often complex strategies, you + your business are doomed to be left behind.

But today, you are ready to stop playing small, ready to let people know how fabulous your brand is.  

Welcome to our world.  "Skooch" a little closer, Supernova.
We're so glad you found us :)

Like a Celebrity, LLC is an NYC based boutique virtual agency specializing in bringing attention to your awesome-ness!

When it comes to helping you get noticed online, our team has time for all the things you don't.  We give you more time + freedom to rock your business.

We help you:

  • improve your local SEO ranking by producing original content,
  • show up consistently on social media,
  • pitch your product or service to media influencers,
  • and create powerful websites to support it all!

You tell us where you want to go, and we'll map out a plan of attack to help you claim your fame + shine online! 


Like a Celebrity, LLC is proud to be a woman owned company.  We strongly believe in the importance of social responsibility and invest time and a percentage of our profits into the communities where we work and live, and support various charities throughout the year.  Our "go-green" initiatives promote sustainability, balance + respect for our universe.